Since a couple of years, the student dance association of Eindhoven ends the season with the a spectacle: the annual Showcase! Every year, the Showcase has a different theme, which inspires teachers and members to create choreographies. This year’s theme is: “Desire, what do you want most?”
Both beginners and experts, solos and duets or group performances, there is a place for everybody in the Showcase. All dance style that Footloose practices are represented, maybe even more!

Every year, it is a surprise what the choreographers produce, but one thing can be guaranteed: It will be an marvelous show for everyone who enjoys dance!


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Ticket Prices

Either afternoon or evening show Sunday June 17th

Tickets can be bought here.
Regular tickets are €8 and student tickets are €6.
Please dont forget to bring a student pass or other proof of being a student for the ticket control.
Tickets can also be bought at the door in cash only, Prices are €10 for regular tickets and €8 for students at the door


Afternoon Show Showcase 2018: Desire

Parktheater Eindhoven Sunday June 17th 15:30

15:30 - 17:30

Evening Show Showcase 2018: Desire

Parktheater Eindhoven Sunday June 17th 20:15

20:15 - 22:15


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